Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ghana: Lawyer In Dramatic U-Turn

…Now ‘Fighting’ for Arhur Paes against His Ex. Client

Lawyer Nana Oppong, of Due Diligence Chambers, has made a sharp u-turn from his client, Eunice Wubbling, whom he was defending in a defilement case and is now defending Arthur Paes, the man at the centre of a civil case in an Accra High Court, for allegedly defiling a minor since she was eight years old.

Nana Oppong was the counsel for Eunice Wubbling all these years until recently, due to what Eunice called “strange straits” exhibited by her attorney, the two parted ways following Eunices’ suspicions that her lawyer may be dealing with her opponent in the defilement case.

Eunice Wubbling is the guardian of the alleged defiled minor (name withheld) and Nana Oppong at all times had been defending Eunice Wubbling against Arthur Paes.

Interestingly, lawyer Nana Oppong Muslim; also a registrar at KNUTSFORD University, affiliated to the University of Ghana, has currently filed an affidavit opposing a motion filed by his ex. client, for the court to dismiss an action by Arthur Peas.

However, the New Crusading GUIDE, in an attempt to publish the events that led to the two parting ways was served with a writ by Nana Oppong.

In one of the said publication that provoked Nana Oppong’s anger, this paper produced a bank statement of the alleged minor who Nana Oppong deposited GH¢2,000 into her account as compensation.

According to the girl in an interview to reveal the motive for the transfer of the money, Nana Oppong called her into his office to start a counseling section with a physician so she could get over her trauma.

Whilst in the office, the girl said the lawyer locked the door and there stood three strong men, one with a video camera ready to roll, and with Nana Oppong, in the room directing what should be said and not, the minor allegedly withdrew all the allegations she leveled against Arthur Paes. She said “He lured me to sign a document I did not know the content”.

He followed it up with an exparte injunction for the paper to stop the publications. The injunction lasted for nine days after which he followed up with another writ praying the court to extend his injunction, and the court will move on the injunction application on May 28, 2012.

Meanwhile, Eunice has file a complaint to the General Legal Council on the conduct of her former lawyer

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